Why White Gold Turns Yellow

To make the rhodium last longer you can remove your jewelry while in hot tubs and swimming pools. You can also wear gloves while doing household cleaning. These precautionary steps can dramatically extend the life of re-plated white gold jewelry and are just good practice for any jewelry. The brightness of a re-plated ring will be the same or better than when the ring was new.

LC Rings offer 6 stage Ring Spa that includes:

1) Professionally checking all diamonds and gemstones in their settings
2) Tightening all stones, in prongs and channels, etc
3) Buffing
4) Polishing
5) Two-stage professional cleaning and then…
6) Rhodium plating
$99 for Rings not purchased at LC Rings, $50 per ring after
$50 for Rings purchased at LC Rings, $25 per ring after

LC Rings specializes in white gold, gold and platinum bands and rings. When you’re ready to make the most important purchase of your love life, consider LC Rings in your area. Call us to schedule an appointment

LC Rings has several hundred Engagement rings located in Tampa and we service the surrounding area of ST. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Brandon, Orlando, Lakeland, Riverview, Oldsmar, Lutz, Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, Plant City and more.

LC Rings has the Best engagement rings in all of Florida at the best pricing offered.   We give you personal attention with a jewelry professional that will educate you to make the best decision in the daunting process of finding the perfect ring for your significant other.

We have a large following all over Florida.  A large area of clients in Orlando of which I appreciate driving all the way to Tampa to get the personalized attention.

We also offer custom made engagement rings so if you want the one of a kind ring to set it a part from others we have you covered.  Can get most made around 2 week time frame.

We are NOT just a Jewelry store, we are a jewelry experience.

We save thousands over Mavilo’s, Ackerman’s, IDC, Brilliant Earth, Kay’s Jared’s & more!

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