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 Layaway Plan

online or in-store

LC Rings is proud to offer its clients Layaway as one of the options to purchase your ring/jewelry and have the ability to pay over time. You will have the assurance that the item you like will be available  when you are ready, at today’s price. If you love it but just can’t afford it yet, this plan will give you the flexibility to start with a 25% deposit and pay the remaining balance within 90 days.

How it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. 25% deposit to start (non-refundable).
  2. You have 90 calendar days(same as cash) to pay the remaining balance on the sale (pay when you have the funds available).
  3. Orders for layaway plan can be done by appointment or over the phone/internet, just call 813-447-5577 or email

Layaway Policy

  • No “New” Layaway’s will be accepted between December 1- January 2.
  • If over 90 calendar days are needed to complete payment a 10% non-refundable charge from original cost giving an extra 90 calendar days to complete payment. (180 days total)
  • In-stock items only for layaway.
  • Layaway not offered on lab-grown diamonds.