Diamond Rings at Wholesale

Wholesale Diamond Rings

The statement of being a “wholesale jeweler” has been loosely used by many retail jewelers. The overwhelming majority are not selling at wholesale prices. Instead, it is a catch to get you in their doors. Once they get you in their doors, they use pushy and manipulative tactics to get you to believe that you are getting amazingly low prices.

But are you really?

We sell Wholesale Diamond Rings
Wholesale Diamond and Engagement Rings

When you compare quality and size, all you need be concerned with is the PRICE being paid. If you have shopped properly, you can pay pretty much the same amount at most stores – whether they’re calling themselves wholesale or not.

Many of our clients at LC Rings have told that they’ve spent months shopping and pricing diamond rings & engagement rings, out only to find that most diamond rings sellers are selling at the same prices – until they found us.

We beat any “WHOLESALE JEWELER – apples-to-apples – not just by hundreds, but, most times, by THOUSANDS!

We like making couples happy, so we shop all over the United States to find the best deals. We then keep our overhead low and our profit margins modest, to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with the price you pay.

Wholesale Diamond Ring Prices

Don’t be mislead by overused and abused “wholesale” terminology. When it comes to a diamond engagement rings, the business environment is quickly changing. We offer verifiable wholesale pricing on diamond rings. In fact, most times our prices are below wholesale pricing. This is why we always recommend getting insurance for your jewelry, as we will not be able to replace most of the rings we sell at the price we sell them.

LC Rings is, and will always be, a WHOLESALE PRICED JEWELER, guaranteed to beat any “wholesale jeweler” apples-to-apples every time.

If you are looking for a wholesale priced engagement ring, LC Rings is the place to go.

We are here to be the Best Jeweler in Tampa, we are here to be your best jeweler in Tampa!

LC Rings has several hundred Engagement rings located in Tampa and we service the surrounding area of ST. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Brandon, Orlando, Lakeland, Riverview, Oldsmar, Lutz, Bradenton, Tarpon Springs, Plant City and more.