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Very satisfied

Mar 16, 2012 by Corey Rolfe

Was the best decision I have ever made the quality of the jewelry was much better than the rings at the store after my purchase I went to Zales and Kays they couldnt believe the quality at the price so thanks again for the best customer service experience I have ever had and will never go anywhere else again to purchase my jewelry


Unbelievable Value and Service!

Mar 12, 2012 by Jeff Mangel

My fiance and I started out looking for rings at a few different retail jewelry stores. After getting a good idea of what she was interested in I decided to see what Paul and Low Cost Rings could offer.
After finding exactly the type of setting she wanted, Paul started hunting for the right center stone, and ended up finding the perfect one all the way in Thailand. The ring is beautiful and she absolutely loves it! The entire experience was stress free thanks to the excellent service, and the amount of money I saved will make for an even better wedding party!


“Spot on!”, as the Brits would say!

Mar 08, 2012 by Keith Peloquin

When I first started to look for rings, I was totally lost. Didn’t know jack about diamonds, or jewelry in general, or how not to get taken advantage of in buying something that for me, was a big purchase. I had a pretty good idea what my prospective fiancee, Kelly, wanted in a ring design, but it was not to be found anywhere I looked (within my price range). I looked in the local jewelry stores (both the chain stores and the smaller shops), as well as in the “Diamond District” in Manhattan while I was up there on a business trip, and I didn’t see anything similar in either design or value.

I had already met with and asked for Paul’s help in realizing the “perfect” ring, according to Kelly’s tastes, & he was all over it! He set about getting the setting custom-built & then started canvasing North America for the best-value & highest-quality stones to put in the settings. While he coordinated all of this and made it happen, I kept comparison shopping to make sure I was getting a good deal. Honestly, I didn’t see anything out there that I thought would be better or even close. In the end, there just WASN’T anything that beat the deal I got by going through Low Cost Rings for Kelly’s engagement ring, and believe me, I looked.

Kelly’s dream ring was a large-ish cushion-cut diamond, flanked by two matching pear-cut diamonds, tapering off to the sides, with a white gold setting. Paul kept searching the US & Canadian diamond markets for a compelling deal on the right diamonds. His advice on what sizes of stones would complement each other aesthetically was right on the money, as was his advice about how to get the best visual “bang” for the amount of money I was willing to spend. He found the main cushion-cut diamond in NYC, along with one of the pear-shaped ones there as well. The search for a matching (eye-perfect match) pear diamond for the other side of the setting ended up taking him to a jeweler in Chicago who had just the right one in his inventory. Paul coordinated to get those diamonds and had them mounted in a setting that was created solely for the ring Kelly had envisioned. It’s kind of cool for Kelly to know that she now wears a custom-built, one-of-a-kind engagement ring!

Anyway, Paul was super-cool about it all the way through, and the buying experience for me was very professional and pleasant. I definitely DO recommend Low Cost Rings to anyone I know who’s reaching that point in their relationship. I saved a LOT LOT LOT of money (then happily blew it all having fun on the honeymoon!), and Kelly regularly gets compliments on her stunning ring. From doing my homework, I know I got a way better value and buying experience thru Paul’s company than I would have gotten by accepting the “traditional” ring buying route in a regular jewelry store.

If you’re reading this because you’re not sure about stepping out of comfortable & familiar territory as a consumer to try something different, worry not. It turned out to be lower stress for me than having to deal with the pushy jewelry store folks who kept pushing for me to go with what stock they had on hand. Paul didn’t give me that sense that I was getting worked over by a used car salesman, which was a nice change. (Thanks, Paul! Wish I had a business that made something YOU need & I’d give you a sweet deal to return the favor.)

Good luck, everyone! And congrats on the upcoming wedding! (Presuming she says, “yes”!)

-Keith P.