The Best Diamond Shape

One of the major concerns of men purchasing a diamond engagement ring is the size of the diamond. While we know that she’ll be happy with anything you get her, YOU may be a little insecure as to whether or not the size of the diamond is a good representation of your love. The best diamond shape for you and her is the one that makes you both happy, but read more for some clarity.

A diamond’s cut, shape, and setting can all impact its appearance. Here are some tips to choose the best diamond shape to make your diamond look bigger in her ring.

Special shaped diamonds of equal weight look bigger than round diamonds. Elongated diamonds like ovals, pears and marquise are good examples of elongated diamonds

Illusion Setting

Mounted to a reflective plate, an illusion setting is intended to make the diamond appear larger and give it more brilliance. On the other hand, the illusion setting is more costly to repair.

Side Stones
Another good idea is to add side stones to your engagement ring. Smaller diamonds set into a band on either side of a center diamond give the engagement ring a more dynamic quality.

Pavé settings giving the appearance of a solid surface of diamonds. Actually the pave is a number of small diamonds mounted side by side into little holes. Their surfaces are nearly level with the setting with tiny beads crafted from the surrounding metal to hold the diamonds in place.

Since it’s difficult to identify the individual stones, Pavé settings appear to have more, larger diamonds than it actually does. Diamond rings with intricately detailed Pavé settings can also be more expensive. Sometimes it’s cheaper to just go with a larger diamond.

Bezel Setting
A Bezel set diamond includes a rim that totally encircles the stone. The bezel setting gives a contemporary look to your engagement ring. Commonly, settings are made of platinum or white gold to enhance a white diamond, giving a it a larger appearance. Yellow gold bezel settings give the diamond a yellowish tint.

Another approach is shallow cut diamonds. Shallow really just means shorter, but it’s not the ideal cut you want in a diamond. Shallow cut diamonds do appear larger than the same size stones with deeper cuts, but the light tends to travel out the back of the diamond rather than reflecting off of the sides of the stone and shining back into your eyes.

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