0.99CT Round Star Radiant Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring GSI Certified




Unmatched in its brilliance. Expertly cut to produce spectacular fire. The exclusive Radiant Star® has been scientifically revealed to outshine other diamonds. The world’s foremost diamond experts to start fresh with a brand new vision for radiance. The result? An entirely new cut that is nothing less than scintillating. With nearly three times the reflective surfaces of a traditional diamond, the Radiant Star®’s proprietary 145-facet design maximizes light return to achieve a striking sparkle not found in any other diamond.

This colorless F color is amongst the highest in color grade and has an eye clean I1 clarity and you can see that and the amazing brilliance of the diamond in the video. The diamond is laser inscribed with the lab certification number on the diamond for verification.

The diamond was set in this 14kt white gold solitaire setting.

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