1CT Scott Kay Ring – Appr $10K

Stunning 0.99 CT Radiant Diamond Engagement/Wedding Scott Kay Ring. The center diamond is a GIA Lab certified 0.95 Radiant Cut diamond. This diamond faces up LARGER than a full Carat diamond.

The diamond is a “near colorless” G color with a clarity rating of a VS-2. This diamond has a “very-good” finish in polish and symmetry. The diamond was just placed on this NEW and RARE 19kt White Gold Scott Kay setting with additional diamonds of 0.04 Carats. This ring is truly unique and a must-see!!!  This would sell for over double the price at retail store!

This ring was just appraised by a GIA certified gemologist at an appraised value of $10,200.

The pictures provided are of the actual ring enlarged so you can see the detail. But to appreciate the ring, you really need to see it.

If you would like to see the ring, please call 813-447-5577 and we can set up a meeting convenient for you.

*The ring can be resized at no charge, click on pics below for more info*


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