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Find the exactly what you are looking for with our Broker Program.

What is the Broker Program?

If you are not able to find the diamond or ring that you are looking for through our company, we also have a broker program.  The way the broker program works is by finding the exact diamond that you are looking for through the same suppliers of the jewelry stores.  You see the actual prices jewelers pay, so the process is totally transparent.

This way you pay a small broker fee rather than paying the 100%+ profit margins that jewelry stores charge.   With the program, the more expensive the diamond the lower broker percentage fee you pay. On the search it has everything pre-calculated to the exact percentages listed, so you know your exact pricing.

How does it work?

You just enter type of diamond you are looking for in reference to range of Cut, Carats, Color, and Clarity on the search and you have the pricing instantly. From there, you let me know which ones you are interested in and we check for availability.  It is a great process which is totally transparent so that you know exactly what you are paying for and what you are getting.

As well, if I do not have the setting you are looking for, I do the same process with settings from the “jeweler only” supplier www.stuller.com.  So look there on their unlimited amount of settings and other jewelry items and I only charge broker fees listed below over invoice pricing.  Non-returnable once inspected & purchased.
Below percentages for wire/cashiers check add 3% for credit card/finance:

Broker Fee Pricing

Under $2000  -  25% Broker Fee

$2000-$4000  -  20% Broker Fee

$4000-$6000  -  17.5% Broker Fee

$6000-$8000  -  15% Broker Fee

$8000-9999  -  12.5% Broker Fee

$10,000+  -  10% Broker Fee

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